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Following the unification of the male and female associations this is the new home of County bowls within Durham County.
Its aim is to provide bowlers access to all the latest news and results within Durham County.

The site will also publish the various selected County teams and will also provide a focal point for the various county competitions.

If you wish to contact Bowls Durham then please e-mail the County Secretary Foster Johnson using the following e-mail address -




We have added a complete Bowls Durham Calendar outlining all the team fixtures, county competitions etc.
Just click on the blue box for the day to see any extra information



30th October - Bolt makes a bit of County History  
30th October - 2018 AGM Documents added 22nd October - 2022 Commonwealth Games Venue Update
8th October - LOVE FISHER BROWN AWARD NOMINATIONS 6th October - BE Champion of Champions Information
25th September - Bolt retains England role  
31st August - Stella Logan Loss  
31st August - National Championships Day 28 Round Up 30th August - National Championships Day 27 Round Up
29th August - National Championships Day 26 Round Up 28th August - National Championships Day 25 Round Up
27th August - National Championships Day 24 Round Up 26th August - National Championships Day 23 Round Up
25th August - National Championships Day 22 Round Up 24th August - National Championships Day 21 Round Up
23rd August - National Championships Day 20 Round Up 22nd August - National Championships Day 19 Round Up
21st August - National Chmapionships Day 18 Round Up 20th August - County Circular added
20th August - National Championships Day 17 Round Up 19th August - National Championships Day 16 Round Up
18th August - National Championships Day 15 Round Up 17th August - National Championships Day 14 Round Up
16th August - National Championships Day 13 Round up 15th August - National Championships Day 12 Round up
14th August - National Championships Day 10 Round Up 13th August - National Championships Day 10 Round Up
12th August - NORTHERN COUNTIES REPORT 12th August - National Championships Day 9 Round Up
9th August - National Championships Day 6 Round Up 11th August - National Championships Day 8 Round Up
10th August - National Championships Day 7 Round Up 9th August - National Championships Day 6 Round Up
8th August - National Championships Day 5 Round Up 7th August - National Championships Day 4 Round Up
6th August - National Championships Day 3 Round Up 5th August - National Championships Day 2 Round Up
JULY 2018
29th July - COUNTY FINALS REPORTS.... link  
27th July - Another Stella Performance.... report 21st July - Parnell lands Champ of Champs title .... report
20th July - Northern Trophy romp home..... report 13th July - Stella Logan Win No2 ..... report
7th July - Middleton Cup win... report 4th July - Parnell lands 2 bowl crown... details
2nd July - Hunden's land ladies Senior's title.. report  
JUNE 2018
30th June - Alsop hopes ended ... report  
29th June - Northern Trophy set back ...details 27th June - Alsop team for Cumbria match ...details
24th June - Double Double Fours exit's ... details 23rd June - Massive John's Trophy win... details
23rd June - Seaside win for Alsop Squad... details 22nd June - Stella Squad bounce back... details
20th June - BDA Awards Gosforth BC...update 20th June - Pearson secures 4th County Singles title.. report
19th June - Balcomb double fours squad named... details 17th June - Pattison retains U25 title ... details
16th June - Alsop defence on track... report 17th June - Young Guns go out.... report
15th June - Stella Logan woe... details 16th June - Middleton Cup hopes ended... report
10th June - Balcomb Double Fours progress ... report 10th June - Alsop Trophy team for June 16th... details
10th June - Alsop Trophy winning 8th June - Northern Trophy loss... report
8th June - Bolt visits Downing Street... details 8th June - Balcombe Trophy and White Rose U25's teams added
4th June - Bowls Development Alliance Course Information .... link
2nd June - Middleton Cup Defeat... report
1st June - Ladies Northern Trophy table updated ... link
1st June- Stella Logan loss - report
1st June- Stuart Land ..... tribute
MAY 2018
26th May - Middleton Cup & Alsop team details ... link 28th May - Newton Hall retain triples title ... report
26th May - Muras Mixed bag ... report 25th May - Northern Trophy win... report
23rd May - Darlington Woodland's land County 4's..... read 22nd May - IMPORTANT for all National Competitors..... read
20th May - Young Guns on fire...... report 19th May - Muras defeat... report
18th May - Second Stella Loss... report 16th May - 2018 Presidential Fixtures added... details
16th May - BIBC Championship's Information ..... details 15th May - Heaton Park Manchester Information ... details
13th May - Under 25 Double Fours Squad Selected..... details 13th May - Muras Cup Squad selected.... details
11th May - Northern Trophy Loss..... report 4th May - Stella Squad Loss..... report
APRIL 2018

29th April - Copy of Bowls England Competition Rules link
19th April
- Latest Bowls Alliance Newsletter link
19th April - Coach Level Info Update .... link

13th April 2018
- Coach Bowls Level 1 Course..... details
13th April 2018
- New Northern Counties Website link added

13th April 2018
- BOLT SECURES BRONZE medal... details

MARCH 2018
12th March - Bowls England Update.... link  
26th February - Ladies Walker Cup team added.... link 26th February - Ladies County Comps PDF draw added....
26th February - Ladies Johns Trophy team added.... link 26th February - Ladies Northern Trophy team added.... link
26th February - Ladies Stella Logan team added.... link 12th February - 2018 Ladies Calendar of events added....... link
8th February - World Bowls Law 33 Update ....... link 2nd February - Bowls England Spring Bowls details..... link
5th January - County Circular added.... link 5th January - 2018 County Nomination form added... link


Number of Visitors (2018) - 16,480 (upto June)
Number of Visitors (2017) - 38,542
Number of Visitors (2016) - 32,033
Number of Visitors (2015) - 29,432
Number of Visitors (2014) - 21,110

Well the Bowls Durham site continues to attract visitors, the lay out may be basic and hasn't got all the singing and dancing but the whole idea is to get the information out rather than looking pretty.

During 2017 the site attracted over 38,000 visitors which is a massive increase of 6,500 and nearly a 50% increase which we firsat launched the site in 2014. As usual the peak time is May to August where we hit just over 23,000.

Our livescores feature continues to blossom with the number of visitors doubling to over 4,000 during that four week spell.

Our Facebook page has 225 followers so all in all we are getting the news out.

Any suggestions to the website feel freel to pass them on.

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