11th October - England Come A Calling

Congratulations to Silksworth's David Bolt on retaining his place for the 2016 British Isles Home International Series. David has retained his skips role for the series due to be held at Llandrindrod Wells, Wales, on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July 2016.
Full Team: Steve Mitchinson (Essex), John McGuinness (Buckinghamshire), David Hubbard (Sussex) & Robert Newman (Berkshire); Ben Render (Yorkshire), Andrew Knapper (Berkshire), Tom Millership (Warwickshire) & Jamie Walker (Northamptonshire); Lee Haywood (Devon), Louis Ridout (Devon), Chris Yeomans (Northumberland) & David Bolt (Durham); Josh Minto (Northumberland), Andrew Walters (Worcestershire), Graham Shadwell (Wiltshire) & Stephen Farish (Cumbria); John Rednall (Suffolk), Matthew Marchant (Hampshire), Robert Paxton (Devon) & Richard Catton (Cambridgeshire); Ashley Clipston (Derbyshire), Mark Read (Cornwall), Chris Gale (Lancashire) & Sam Tolchard (Devon)
Travelling Reserves: Ian Lesley (Devon) & Ed Morris (Essex)
Non-Travelling Reserves: Shaun McCaughan (Kent), Taylor Monk (Kent), Lloyd Sabatini (Berkshire) & Andrew Squire (Essex)
Captain: John McGuinness (Buckinghamshire)
Manager: John Bell (Cumbria)

10th September - Civil Liability Insurance Update

Bowls England wishes to advise Clubs, County Associations and individual members of the following important information.

Bowls England was recently made aware that clubs, particularly those who have a local authority lease, are now being requested to provide civil liability cover up to £10 million. The premiums for 2016 (renewal 1st April 2016) will, for a small additional fee, provide the option of enhanced cover up to £10 million for those clubs and counties who may require it. It has been agreed following discussion with our insurers, Sutton Winson, that Employer Liability cover will be compulsory on all policies from 1st April 2016.

A full breakdown of the Civil Liability Insurance service administered by Bowls England and charges from 1st April 2016 is shown below:

·         Civil Liability (£5 million) - £86 (Employer Liability included as standard)
·         Civil Liability (£10 million) - £111 (if required)

For more information on the Civil Liability Insurance service administered by Bowls England, please contact:amy@bowlsengland.com

9th September - Northern Counties Round Up

The County Under 25 Team won the Northern Counties U25 Tournament by defeating Yorkshire and Northumberland. In the latter game they came from 13 - 2 down to win 27 -14.
David Fenwick was Runner Up in the 2 Bowls Competition
Barry Hopkins was Runner Up in Junior Singles.
Andrew Kirtland was the Winner of the Four Bowls Championship.
Rob Carson and Glenn Skipp were Runners Up in the Pairs Championship
David Reed, Dave Warnaby and Garry Robson were beaten Semi Finalists in the Triples
Barry Hopkins, Mark Jones Tony Macey and Andrew Kirtland were the Winners of the Fours Championship

8th September - Bowls International

Dear Bowls International

As an avid reader of the Magazine I am often impressed by the quality of your Articles which cover the whole spectrum of the bowling fraternity. In particular the informative pieces from your regular contributors and feature writers give a great insight into the wider world of bowls.

However on reading the August publication and the report on the British Isles Championships, with particular reference to the Fours Competition, I have to express my disappointment on the  reporting of the events and the apparent lack of geographical knowledge of your correspondent.

We in Durham have a friendly rivalry and relationship  with our counterparts in Northumberland but to class the fours Winners from Silksworth as "Geordies" is like saying double cream is the same as skimmed milk.

If a descriptive title was to be used then it should have been "Makems". To add that the Silksworth Club is in Newcastle added insult to injury. The Club is based in Sunderland and as a City it and its bowlers are extremely proud of their achievements.


Foster Johnson
Honorary Secretary and County Administrator
Bowls Durham

6th September - Stella Logan End on a High

What a way to finish this year’s Stella Logan campaign with a cracking 2 shot win over the eventual table topping Cumbria. The season finale played at Lyndhurst saw us repeat the previous rink successes with wins on three rinks and a draw on a fourth but this time there was no heavy loss. The scores show how tight the game was as we had joint top rink’s, Gillian Harle, Eileen Horan, Val Gray and Edna Atkinson won 17-14 and Kath Dixon, Eveline Barkes, Maureen Firth and Susan Walker won 23-20, Jenny Collin drew, Esther Helm only lost by 1 while Jennie Smith lost by 4. The points saw us collect 8½ however when other results were compiled we dropped a place to 4th in the final standings, despite the defeat Cumbria held on to take the title by 4 points.   Rink Scores

27th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Men's Singles - 1st Round - A.Kirtland (Durham) 21-18 E.Elmore (Hunts), G.Peacock (Durham) 18-21 J.Dawson (Leics)
2nd Round - A.Kirtland (Durham) 18-21 C.Carter (Warks)

25th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Men’s Two Bowl Singles
Preliminary Round
- B.Sanderson (Durham) 3-16 P.Ward (Hants)
First Round - D.Fenwick (Durham) 13-16 T.Muir (Herts)

24th August - Stella Logan Defeat

Our Stella Logan squad headed to York for their penultimate game of the season, sadly we were beaten by 32 shots but we did win on three rinks and draw on another. Gillian Harle, Joyce Woodward, Val Gray and Edna Atkinson were our top rink with a 25-15 win, there were wins for Eileen Horan by 4, Jenny Collin by 1 and a draw for Susan Walker which gave us a 15 shot advantage however Margaret Metcalf’s quartet went down by 13 and Esther Helm went down by 34. Points wise we collected 3½ which keeps us 3rd in the table with a final game against title chasing Cumbria in September to come. Rink Scores

23rd August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Men’s Pairs
Preliminary Round
- W.Ferry (Durham) 11-22 M.Marchant (Hants)

22nd August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Men’s Senior Singles – 1st Round - G.Allison (Durham) 2-21 T.Room (Buckinghamshire)

21st August - Ladies Northern Trophy Squad Near Miss

As our Northern Trophy squad ended their 2015 campaign with a 14 shot win over Northumberland it was a case of what might have been as they only just missed out on the title by a single rink point. The game against bottom of the table Northumberland was played at Darlington Woodlands and saw us record wins on three of the six rinks, top rink was Joan Rodgerson’s quartet who ran out 31-9 winners while there were also wins for Ann Anderson and Trudy Kitto respectively. Defeats for Gill Jones and Teresa Pearson plus an agonising single shot defeat for Sue Almond meant we collected 8 points which after other results left us one point short and with a better shot difference than champions Cumbria. Rink Scores

20th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Men’s Triples – 1st Round
B.Henderson (Durham) 11-21 A.Holden (Suffolk)
G.Robson (Leadgate) 6-27 M.Plume (Herts)

18th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Tuesday 18th August
Men’s Champion of Champions - Last Sixteen
A.Kirtland (Durham) 21 v 17 T.Cawdell (Bedfordshire)

Quarter Final - 3pm
A.Kirtland (Durham) 17 v 21 J.Walker (Northamptonshire)

Men’s Fours – 3rd Round
A.Kirtland (Durham) 14 v 20 N.Pearce (Somerset)

17th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Men’s Fours – 1st Round
A.Kirtland (Durham) 20 v 12 B.Kitto (Hunts)
K.Hinds (Durham) 8 v 34 T.Morton (Hunts)

Men’s Fours – 2nd Round
A.Kirtland (Durham) 22 v 15 C.Lawler (Cornwall)

15th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Junior Singles 1st Round
B.Hopkins (Durham) 13 v 21 T.Meller (Isle of Wright)
N.Cummings (Durham) 4 v 21 B.Byles (Berkshire)

Ladies Junior Pairs 1st Round
S.Pattison (Durham) 8 v 18 C.Brett (Huntingdonshire)

14th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Men’s Senior Pairs - 1st Round 
W.Maddison (Durham) 19 v 21 K.Patrick (Buckinghamshire)

Men’s Double Fours Semi Finals 
Darlington RA (Durham)
48 v 41 Sandwich, Kent

Men's Double Fours Final 
Darlington RA (Durham)
23 v 38 Newmarket Avenue (Cambridgeshire)

13th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Pairs - First Round
A.Bernard (Durham) 10 v 25 K.Rednall (Suffolk)

Men’s Double Fours Quarter Finals 
Darlington RA 34 v 33 Romford BC, Essex

12th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Pairs - Preliminary Round
J.Rodgerson (Durham) 18-21 K.Hembrow (Somerset)

11th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Two Bowl Singles - 1st Round
S.Almond (Durham) 4-17 C.Gaskins (Oxfordshire)
J.Robinson (Durham) 12-16 S.Faulks (Buckinghamshire)

10th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Triples - 1st Round
J.Ridpath (Durham) 11-24 (Gloucestershire)
J.Woodward (Durham) 13-20 J.Skelton (Derbyshire)

7th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Singles 1st Round
S Hind (Durham) 21-10 M Holden (Hants) 
A Bernard (Durham) 13-21 C Watson (Sussex)

Ladies Singles 2nd Round
S.Hind (Durham) 4-21 S.Utteridge (Suffolk)

5th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Fours - Quarter Finals
A.Bernard (Durham) 16-22 A.Norton (Oxon)

Ladies Fours - Last 16
A.Bernard (Durham) 28-16 M.Sykes (Yorkshire)

4th August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Fours - 2nd Round
A.Bernard (Durham) 26-14 J.Walmsley (Somerset)

Ladies Fours - 1st Round
A.Bernard (Durham) 18-15 M.Haskins (Kent)
E.Atkinson (Durham) 13-21 C.Jones (Herefordshire)

3rd August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Fours - Preliminary Round
A.Bernard (Durham) 20-18 M.Hendrey (Herts)

Ladies Senior Pairs - 2nd Round
J.Rodgerson (Durham) 3-26 S.Butcher (Suffolk)

2nd August - National Championships Leamington Spa Results

Ladies Under 25 Singles - 1st Round
S.Pattison (Durham) 6-21 S.Madgewick (Essex)
J.Hopkins (Durham) 19-21 K.McCarthy (Surrey)

Ladies Senior Pairs - 1st Round
J Rodgerson (Durham) 22-8 M Clarkson (Sussex)

24th July - Stella Logan Hopes Ended

The Stella Logan squad’s hopes of lifting the title have been ended as Lancashire completed the double over us this time by 32 shots at Bolton. The 10-1 points return to Lancashire puts them 13½ points clear of Cumbria who have played a game less. Back to the Bolton defeat and our only winning rink was Dawn Jackson, Margaret Riley, Jean Mather and Jenny Collin who ran out 22-14 winners, sadly the remaining rinks all went down ranging from four down to fifteen down.  The next game is at Driffield against Yorkshire.  Rink Scores

17th July - Northern Trophy Squad Win

After the John’s Trophy disappointment the Northern Trophy squad bounced back with a 138-109 win at Gosforth over bottom of the table Northumberland. Out of the six rinks we had five winning scorecards with the pick of them being the rink of Pat Johnson, Edna Atkinson, Jane Pattison and Norma Stephenson who ran out 24-9 winners. The 10-1 points return keeps the squad in second place but they need Cumbria to slip up over their final two games to have any chance. The final game is at Woodlands against Northumberland. Rink scores

16th July - County Finals Day Programme

County Finals Day Programme at Blackhall (Sunday 26th July)

Due to duplications the following final will start at 10am
Fours - K.Hinds (Hartlepool OB) v A.Kirtland (RA)

All the rest are starting at 2pm
Singles - A.Kirtland (RA) v G.Peacock (Hundens)

Pairs - G.Skipp (Elm Tree) v W.Ferry (Silksworth)

Triples - G.Robson (Leadgate) v B.Henderson (Seaham Town)

Two Bowl - B.Sanderson (Barnes W.E) v D.Fenwick (Elm Tree)

Junior Singles - B.Hopkins (RA) v N.Cummings (RA)

Champion of Champions final to be confirmed

12th July - Walker Cup Squad Exit

The Walker Cup squads hopes were dashed at the regional finals stage at York Railway, in the semi-final we had a cracking 39-29 win over Notts with Joan Rodgerson’s quartet running out 23-14 winners and Gill Jones a 16-15 winner, that win set up a regional final against Lincolnshire. Unfortunately in final it was not meant to be – a couple of enforced positional changes saw Joan Rodgerson’s quartet go down 26-5 although Teresa Pearson’s quartet did manage a 16-14 it still meant Lincolnshire ran out winners by 19 shots.  Rink Scores

10th July - Stella Logan Squad Win

The Stella Logan squad bounced back from the Lancashire defeat with a 9-2 win at Alnwick over Northumberland. Our top top rink was Gillian Harle, Eileen Horan, Val Gray and Edna Atkinson who ran out 31-13 winners while Jenny Collin’s quartet weren’t far behind winning 31-14, across the green we had four rinks up which contributed to a 29 shot win. Next up is a trip to leaders Lancashire and a chance to avenge last week’s 10-1 loss, last season we won at the same venue and a repeat performance would haul the squad back into title contention. Rink Scores

5th July - Child Safety

I am pleased to inform you that Mr.Joseph Hobson has agreed to undertake the role of Safeguarding Officer for Bowls Durham. Whilst his appointment will be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting the Officers of the County have agreed to his appointment as it imperative that the County have in place a Policy that is fit for purpose.

He has stepped into the role with immediate effect and as his first contribution he has prepared a new Bowls Durham Safeguarding Policy and Training Guidance for Clubs, copies of which I attach for your information,guidance and use. At the same time can I remind all clubs of their duties and responsibilities under the safeguarding legislation and ask that you ensure that you have your own club policy in place based on that provided by Bowls England and the County. Please rember that safeguarding covers all  aspects of vulnerability for which you may have a duty of care.

Should you require any advice or guidance please contact Joseph via his e.mail address which is br.jhobson@gmail.com.


Foster Johnson
Honorary Secretary

(documents can be viewed at the following link)

4th July - John's Trophy Exit

It was a winners takes all in the final group match for our John’s Trophy squad, going into the game a 18-4 win would see us into the quarter finals – sadly it didn’t materialise as Yorkshire ran out 124-79 winners; collecting all 22 points on offer. As all six rinks went down the pick of the bunch was Joan Rodgerson’s quartet who narrowly went down 16-14, Trudy Kitto lost by four Jennie Smith by seven, Sue Almond by nine while there were double figure losses for Gill Jones and Esther Helm. So another John’s Trophy campaign comes to an end as Yorkshire qualify for the quarter finals stage from the group. Rink details

4th July - Middleton Cup Exit

Despite a spirited performance our Middleton Cup hopes were ended at Wigton by Cumbria, to progress we needed a 18-4 win sadly it was not to be as Cumbria ran out 121-97 (20-2) winners. Our sole winning rink was Paul Mosley 20-13 the remaining five all went down. Ian Riches 20-24, Billy Ferry 17-20, Phil Smithson 14-21, John Mansfield 15-23 and Andrew Kirtland 10-20, Cumbria top the group and will face Northumberland in the Quarter finals.  Rink Scores

3rd July - Stella Loss

There was disappointment for the Ladies Stella Logan squad as they were beaten by 28 shots (10-1) at Horden by group leaders Lancashire, last season we completed the double over the Lancastrians. This season the only piece of good news came from the rink of the new county two bowl champion Julie Robinson, Dorothy Hudson, Sam Pattison and Jennie Smith who ran out 24-11 winners, sadly the remaining rinks all went down although Jennie Collin only lost by one. As the competition reaches the half way mark defeat we trail the leaders by 10½ points, next up is Northumberland at Alnwick. Rink Scores

2nd July - Robinson Takes Ladies County Two Bowl Title

The Ladies Two-bowl Singles Championship was played to a finish at Barnes Park. The winner was Julie Robinson (Darlington North Park) and the runner-up was Sue Almond (Sunderland).
Preliminary Round
Josie Hodgson (Owton Lodge)  3   Sandra Hind (Lyndhurst)  17
Jean Graham (Sunderland)  11  Audrey Webster (Vane Tempest)  16

Round 1
Sandra Hind (Lyndhurst)  14  Audrey Webster (Vane Tempest)  5
Joyce Woodward (Durham City)  16  Jane Pattison (Darlington North Park)  6
Eveline Barkes (Hetton Workmens)  13  Eileen Atkinson (Bishop Auckland)  14  
Janet Ridpath (Owton Lodge)  10  Julie Robinson (Darlington North Park)  17
Norma Stephenson (Hetton Workmens)  15  Joan Brown (Pelton Fell)  12
Ilona Koch-Klau  (King George)  7  Fay Slinn (Newton Hall)  16
Sue Almond (Sunderland)  13  Sam Pattison (Darlington North Park)  12 (after an extra end)
Janet Sykes (Sunderland)  12  Heather Boon  (Bishop Auckland)  14

Round 2
Sandra Hind (Lyndhurst)  14  Joyce Woodward  (Durham City) 13 (after an extra end)
Eileen Atkinson (Bishop Auckland)  14  Julie Robinson (Darlington North Park)  16
Norma Stephenson (Hetton Workmens)  11  Fay Slinn (Newton Hall)  16
Sue Almond (Sunderland)  18  Heather Boon (Bishop Auckland)  9

Sandra Hind (Lyndhurst)  8  Julie Robinson (Darlington North Park)  15
Fay Slinn (Newton Hall)  11  Sue Almond (Sunderland)  14

Julie Robinson (Darlington North Park)  16  Sue Almond (Sunderland)  11

29th June - Ladies County Competition Review (part 1)

Singles - This season’s Singles championship attracted twenty entries - down by three compared to last year. The defending champion Houghton Dairy Lane’s Glynis Morgan’s hopes of defending the title were ended at the quarter final stage by the eventual winner Newton Hall’s Ann Bernard.  On route to her first County Singles title Ann defeated Joyce Woodward (Durham City) 21-4 and of course Morgan 21-19 – both away from home. In the semi-final’s a 21-13 win over Darlington Woodland’s Ann Anderson set up a county final against Lyndhurst’s Sandra Hind, the latter defeated Owton Lodge’s Josie Hodgson 21-9. In a high quality final played at Durham City Ann ran out a 21-19 winner, both finalist’s will represent the county at the national championship in August at Leamington Spa.

Pairs - There was a cracking field of thirty two entries in this year’s Pairs Championship which was an increase of eight compared to last year, this year’s title went to Newton Hall’s Fay Slinn & Anne Bernard. Defending champion’s Dairy Lane’s Susan Forster & Joan Rodgerson were looking for a 5th pairs title and started with a 17-12 win over club mate Glynis Morgan while the Slinn/Bernard combination had a good 27-20 win at Pelton Fell. In the second round Slinn & Bernard travelled again this time a 21-16 win over Hetton Workmen’s Norma Stephenson. A quality quarter final line up saw Bernard run out a 29-11home winner over Horden’s Margaret Riley, Rodgerson recorded a 25-10 win at Owton Lodge and the Darlington North Park Pattison duo  a 34-9 win over Sunderland, the remaining tie saw Woodland’s Ann Anderson defeat the three times winners Consett Park’s Gill Jones 20-19. The semi-finals saw Rodgerson ease to a 32-7 win over the North Park duo while Bernard defeated Anderson 19-8. The final at Durham City was a tight affair but in the end it was the Newton Hall duo that came out on top with a 23-21 win over the defending champions, both finalists head to Leamington Spa in August.

28th June - Bolt Helps England to Series Win

David Bolt completed a fantastic few days in Scotland by helping England to a Home International Series win. Making his skipping debut at Senior level David steered his rink of Graham Shadwell, Louis Ridout and Northumberland's Chris Yeoman's to a match winning 32-13 win in the opener against Scotland. In the second game against Ireland a dropped double on the last end saw David's rink finish 22-20 down and in the final game against Wales a game of two halves saw a 15-7 lead turned into a 24-18 defeat.

27th June - Alsop Ends On High

This seasons Alsop campaign ended with “what could have been” feeling after a cracking 36 shot win over a Cumbria outfit who had collected 64 out of 66 points prior to today’s game at Stockton. Overall we had five winning rinks with three of them winning by ten shots or more, the pick of the bunch was County President Dale Oram’s quartet of Gary Dougherty, Norman Willey and Stuart Land who ran out impressive 27-13 winners. Harry Dougherty eased to a 24-14 win while Albie Hill won 27-17, Keith Wilford finished 23-16 up and the last winning rink saw Ray Robinson grind out a 21-18 win, the only defeat saw last week’s hero Alan Dunn go down 25-17.
Rink Details

26th June - British Isles Title Success

At the British Isles Championships the Silksworth quartet of Phil Dixon, Neal Ridley, Ian Riches and David Bolt produced a tremendous comeback to lift the fours title 19-18. In the final against Ireland's M.Greenfield the lads were always playing catch up, 6-0 down after 5 progressed to 12-5 and then 17-9 after 15 ends, even at 18-13 down with 2 ends to play all was not lost and so it proved. A 20th end double made it 18-15, a last end bowl take out by David left a match winning lie and when the Irish skip missed with his final bowl the title was heading back to the North East. The lads success also gets them a piece of history as they become the first ever Durham quartet to win a British Isles title.

26th June - Northern Trophy Win

The Ladies Northern Trophy squad kept their hopes alive of lifting the title with a cracking 16 shot win at Selby over leaders Yorkshire. Across the green we had three up and three down with the pick of the winning rinks being that of Mary McGee, Julie Robinson, Joyce Stephenson and Teresa Pearson who ran out 26-8 winners. Trudy Kitto finished 22-11 up while Ann Anderson finished 17-14 up. The losing rinks were Joan Rodgerson 24-22, Sue Almond 20-15 and Gill Jones 23-14, points wise we collected eight of the eleven on offer. The result will be a massive confidence boost going into next weekend’s Johns Trophy crunch match. Rink Details

25th June - Walker Cup Progress

Last weekend our Walker Cup squad enjoyed a successful trip to Backworth Bowling Club in the first round of this season’s Walker Cup Double fours against Northumberland. Both rinks returned winning cards, Ann Anderson steered her quartet to a 26-12 win and Gill Jones ran out a 21-15 winner. The regional semi-final will be against Nottinghamshire on Sunday 12th July at York Railway B.C. Rink Details

25th June - Bolt Steers The Lads Into The Final

Our lads opponents was decided earlier in the day as W.Matthews (Wales) sneaked through their preliminary round on an extra end against Scotland’s M.McGowan 22-21 to set up a semi-final against the Silksworth quartet. The early exchanges saw David open up a 7-0 lead but by the 8th end it was all square, from 9-7 up things started to go astray as we slipped to 12-9 down before a cracking 5 on the 14th end pushed them 14-12 up. The lead changed hands again as the Welsh went 15-14 up before three storming counts of 5,3,6 saw David storm home 28-16. In the final the opposition will be Ireland’s M.Greenfield.

24th June - Silksworth Quartet Look For Isles Title

Following there tremendous National Fours title (pictured above) the Silksworth quartet of Phil Dixon, Neal Ridley, Ian Riches and David Bolt travel to Eddlewood Bowls club in Scotland for the British Isles Fours competition. The draw has seen the Silksworth quartet awaiting the winners of the Wales v Jersey preliminary tie which is due to be played on Thursday with the final the following the day.

At the weekend David Bolt will also make his full England skipping debut in the Birtish Isles Home International series also at Eddlewood Bowls Club, David will look to steer his quartet of Graham Shadwell, Louis Ridout and Northumberland's Chris Yeomans to three wins and hopefully clinich the series.

20th June - Alsop Romp

After two straight defeats our Alsop trophy squad bounced back with a 83 shot win over Lancashire at Dairy Lane. Top rink was Mark Hodgson, Sam Patterson, Peter Coulson and Alan Dunn who romped to a 39-5 win. Keith Wilford ran out 19 up, Albie Hill 17 up, Ray Robinson 10 up and Harry Dougherty finished 5 up. The only defeat saw County President Dale Oram lose his unbeaten record going down 21-18. Points wise we picked up 20 points of the 22 on offer, the B team finish off their season with a game at Stockton against leaders Cumbria, hopes of nicking the title probably would need a 22-0 win but that is subject to the latest table. Rink scores

19th June - Stella Squad Happy Away Day

The latest round of Stella Logan fixtures saw the ladies face second in the table Cumbria at Courtfield,  a five star team effort saw us run out 17 shot winners  (9-2 on points) which keeps our title hopes alive. Across the green we had 4 winning rinks, Susan Walker 19-16, Jenny Collin 23-19 and Jennie Smith 19-13, the pick of the bunch was the rink of Gillian Harle, Eileen Horan, Val Gray, and Edna Atkinson who recorded a 22-14 win. The remaining two rinks could have sneaked home but in the end both Esther Helm and Margaret Metcalf went down by a couple of shots. So the win moves us to within 1½ points of leaders Lancashire who we entertain next on the 3rd July at Horden. Rink scores

14th June - Under 25's White Rose Defeat

There was disappointment for our Under 25 Double fours squad as they were beaten 46-38 by Lincolnshire at the White Rose Regional semi-finals. Barry Hopkin’s quartet of Liam Macey, Sam Patterson and Joe Ballantyne were beaten 27-15 while Noah Cumming’s quartet of Keith Burton, Mark Gleeson and Mark Hodgson won 23-19. Despite the loss this will be a good experience for the county’s youngsters. Rink Scores

13th June - Middleton Cup Hopes Rekindled

Following the opening loss to Lancashire our Middleton Cup squad couldn’t afford any slip ups against Derbyshire at Kirkbymoorside, happily they rose to the challenge to run out 138-107 winners but more importantly winning 18-4 on points. Across the green we had four winning rinks, Phil Smithson 30-16, John Mansfield 25-15, Paul Mosley 23-22 butt he pick of the bunch was Phil Dixon, Neal Ridley, Ian Riches and David Bolt who ran out 30-7 winners. Billy Ferry went down by 2 while Andrew Kirtland suffered a rare 16 shot defeat. With Cumbria defeating Lancashire 18-4 we head to Wigton in 2 week’s time knowing we need at least a 18-4 result is the minimum requirement to progress. Rink Scores

13th June - Alsop Hopes fade

Last season our Alsop squad beat Northumberland by 67 shots at Dairy Lane, this year at St George’s Northumberland bounced back to inflict a 120-103 (16-6) defeat on us. County President Dale Oram led from the front and guided his rink of  Gary Dougherty, Norman Willey and Stuart Land to an impressive 27-17 win, Alan Dunn sneaked home 16-15 while there were creditable draws for Keith Wilford and Ray Robinson. Sadly the remaining two rinks were beaten, Harry Dougherty lost 29-14 and Albie Hill lost 26-13 which sealed a 17 shot defeat. Hopes of mounting a title challenge look very slim after two defeats, next up is Lancashire at Dairy Lane on Saturday 20th June. Rink scores                                       

12th June - Stella Logan Win

After the Stella Logan squads opening game defeat they have bounced back with a comprehensive 55 shot win over Northumberland at Stockton,  out of the six rinks on show we had four winners and a draw. The pick of the winners was the rink of Gillian Harle, Eileen Horan, Val Gray and Edna Atkinson who romped to a 40-12 win, there were also wins for Jennie Smith 24-10, Maureen Firth 19-17 and Esther Helm 28-12. Points wise we collected 9½ of the 11 on offer.... Rink Scores                                           

8th June - Northern Trophy Defeat

The latest Northern Trophy fixture ended in a 10 shot defeat at the hands of Cumbria. Across the Pelton Fell green we had two rinks up, Gill Jones quartet again put in an impressive performance winning 25-15 while Joan Rodgerson steered her rink to a 23-12 win, Trudy Kitto nearly sneaked another rink point but a last end dropped three sealed a 18-17 defeat. Ann Anderson went down by 6 while there were 12 shot defeats for both Teresa Pearson and Sue Almond. Points wise it was 9-2 to Cumbria, looking on a positive note last year we won by only losing a single game while the nearest counties lost three each so all is not lost as we head to Selby in a couple of weeks.

7th June 2015 - Double Fours Hopes Swept Away

Hopes of making progress in the Balcomb Double Fours were blown away at a windy Houghton Dairy Lane as Northumberland ran out 18 shot winners, with the overall score at 45-27 and only 4 ends remaining it was decided to shake hands. At the time Paul Mosley’s quartet of Noah Cummings, Billy Ferry and Phil Smithson led 19-15 win while Mal Peach, Colin Jefferson, Andrew Kirtland and David Bolt were 30-8 down.  


6th June 2015 - Alsop Defeat

Our B team suffered a 25 shot defeat in their opening Alsop Trophy game, in very difficult conditions both sides struggled to cope with the gusty conditions. Across the green we had three rinks up, Ray Robinson’s quartet of Matt Gleeson, Alan Middleton and Dan Todner were top rink with a 23-17 win, there were also narrow wins for Stuart Clarke and County President Dale Oram. The three losing rinks were Keith Wilford 19-11, Albie Hill 22-10 and Alan Dunn 26-12 – the latter got rink one which suffered most from the conditions. Team manager Paul Heath performed miracles to get a team out due to eight withdrawals. Next weekend the B team travel to Morpeth to face Northumberland at St Georges.   

30th May 2015 - Middleton Blow

Our hopes of progressing in the Middleton Cup hang by a thread after a opening game 12 shot defeat at Houghton Dairy Lane by Lancashire. A slow start saw the lads chasing the game but a second half recovery from 18 shots down to level game raised hopes - however every rink dropped shots on the next end so the gap went back to 10. Another great fightback saw us actually go 2 shots in front as the game reached its latter stages however the good work was undone across the green on the next ends and sadly the game slipped away. Billy Ferry’s quartet won by 6 while Andrew Kirtland won by 5, team manager David Bolt came back to snatch a 22-22 draw. Sadly the remaining three squads went down by a combination of 23 shots, Phil Smithson lost by 3, Carl Higgins by 5 and Paul Mosley by 15. So the 17-5 result means there is no room for error against Derbyshire where both counties need a 20-2 win to keep qualification hopes alive. The other game saw Cumbria defeat Derbyshire 18-4 rink scores

30th May 2015 - John's Trophy despair

Last season Lincolnshire ended our Johns Trophy hopes at the Quarter final stage - this year they have made qualification very difficult after inflicting a 22 shot (18-4) defeat on us. Out of the six rinks we had two winnings scores, Joan Rodgerson steered her quartet to a 19-13 win while Gill Jones recorded a 21-16 win, Sue Almond and Trudy Kitto both narrowly went down but Teresa Pearson and Ann Anderson’s rinks both went down by 16 each. Should Lincolnshire beat Yorkshire on 20th June then our fixture against Yorkshire in July will be meaningless. Scores

28th May 2015 - Ridpath takes Ladies Triples Title

The latter stages of this season’s Ladies County triples competition were played at Durham City, following on from their fours success Newton Hall’s Fay Slinn, Eileen Horan and Ann Bernard hopes of a double were ended at the semi-final stage by the eventual winners Owton Lodge’s Sue Welsh, Dawn Jackson and Janet Ridpath 23-18. The other semi –final went to an extra end as Durham City’s Neil Hart, Helen Swan and County President Joyce Woodward sneaked home 14-13 against Darlington Woodland’s Kath Darlington, Rose Etherington and Jean Morgan. In the final the Owton Lodge trio were always in command and eventually took the title 20-9. Both the County finalist’s qualify for the national finals at Leamington Spa in August.

24th May 2015 - Under 25's Win

Our White Rose Trophy Under 25’s squad made the long trek to Bolton at the weekend to face Lancashire in the first round of this year’s competition, the journey back was all the more sweeter following a cracking 39-35 win. Barry Hopkin’s quartet secured a vital 21-15 win while Noah Cumming’s only went down by a couple. The win sends the squad to the regional semi -finals on 14th June at Kirbymoorside BC. (rink scores)

23rd May 2015 - Muras Heartache

The Northern Counties Muras double header produced mixed results for our A team, the morning game against Yorkshire sadly slipped away as we went down by 19 shots, Paul Mosley steered his rink to a 20-13 win while Bill Ferry recorded a 16-11 win, the other four rinks went down, (rink scores) Yorkshire collected a 18-4 win on points. Northumberland thumped Lancashire 22-0 which meant only 2 points covered three teams going into the afternoon games
Our lads bounced back against Lancashire with a good 12 shot win – collecting 19 points, Paul Mosely completed a third successive win 15-10 while there were also wins for Phil Smithson and David Bolt, Andrew Kirtland had to settle for a 13-13 draw while Billy Ferry went down by 3 shots. (rink scores) So that put us top until Northumberland’s  17-5 win over Yorkshire which clinched them the title on shots difference (final table)

22nd May 2015 - Northern Trophy Win

Following their opening game defeat at Cumbria our Northern Trophy squad bounced back to winning ways as they defeated Yorkshire 116-113 at Dairy Lane. Last season Durham completed a double over Yorkshire and despite going down on three rinks Durham ran out 8-3 winners. Top rink on the day was Mary McGee, Margaret Metcalf, Joyce Stephenson and Teresa Pearson who bounced back from there heavy Cumbria loss to record a match winning 30-12 win. Gill Jones steered her quartet to a 21-9 win while Ann Anderson ground out a vital 22-17 win. The win is a good confidence booster going into next weekend’s John’s Trophy match against Lincolnshire.Rink Scores

20th May 2015 - Bernard takes County Fours Title

Newton Hall's Ann Bernard steered her quartet of Fay Slinn, Eileen Horan and Jennie Smith to the Ladies County Fours title, in the semi finals the Newton Hall four held there nerves to record a tremendous 16-15 win over Consett Parks Gill Jones. The other semi final saw Edna Aktinson's quartet of Linda Dodsworth, Judy Henley and Pat Johnson defeat Dairy Lane's Joan Rodgerson 20-17. The final was all one way as the Newton Hall quartet put in a five star performance to record a 29-5 win. The semi finals and final were played at Durham City BC. Both county finalists will represent Durham at the national championships in August at Leamington Spa.

19th May 2015 - Northern Trophy Blow

The Durham Ladies “A” team suffered a setback in their defence of the Northern Trophy as they were beaten 114-105 by Cumbria in the opening round of fixtures. Across the green out of the six rinks we had two up and one level which resulted in a 19 shot advantage however the remaining three rinks went down by 28 shots. The top rink was Eileen Atkinson, Neil Hart, Fay Slinn and Trudy Kitto who ran out 24-13 winners, Joan Rodgerson’s quartet won by 8 while Ann Anderson had to settle for a score draw. The overall points went to Cumbria 8½- 2½, history repeated itself as last season when we won the Northern Trophy we lost to Cumbria on the opening game and then went on a five match unbeaten run to take the title, next up is Yorkshire at Dairy Lane on Friday 22nd May. Rink scores    

18th May 2015 - Bowls England Short Tale

Bowls England is delighted to announce approved shorts that may be worn in National Competitions and National Championships (including county qualifying rounds) as well as other club and county events are now on sale. The new white shorts have been introduced to meet demand from players who wished to replicate the more sporty style favoured by many bowls players during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.They are available in a variety of sizes from XS (28” waist) up to 4XL (46” waist) and feature an elasticated waist, zipped pockets and the Bowls England logo on the left leg.

Tony Allcock MBE, Bowls England Chief Executive, said: “There was clear demand from members to allow shorts to be worn and we are delighted to have been able to source these shorts for our members to wear in events under our jurisdiction. However, we must stress that only shorts bearing the Bowls England logo will be allowed our events. Subject to demand, we will continue to source other merchandise to make the sport more attractive to both this and future generations. Additional colours and styles of shorts will be available later this season. Whilst there is no condition in Bowls England events that all members of a team or side must wear shorts, it is a requirement that the colour worn below the waist is matching. The dress code for all other activities that players participate in, for example club friendly matches and leagues, is a matter for the relevant organising body to determine.

The shorts can be purchased from the Bowls England website at www.bowlsengland.com or by calling the Bowls England Office on 01926 334609 for £24.99 plus post and packing.


16th May - Muras Win

The A team opened this seasons Muras campaign with a cracking 38 shot win over Northumberland at Dairy Lane. Despite several late changes we had four winning rinks and one draw with only John Mansfield’s quartet going down 27-12 to Steven Harvey. Phil Smithson defeated Paul Ging 30-11 and Billy Ferry defeated Chris Yeomans 27-8, Andrew Kirtland beat Richard Train 20-12 and Paul Mosley beat Craig Cooper 21-14. New Team manager David Bolt had to settle for a low scoring 13-13 draw against S.Richardson, so a very good team performance produced a 19-3 win and sets the lads up nicely for next week’s double header against Yorkshire and Lancashire

14th May 2015 - New County Shirt

During the close season the county executive decided it was time to revamp the county shirts, it was also agreed to introduce a travelling shirt. The travelling shirt (left) is a blue design with some modern white and purple flashing down oneside, the playing shirt is white (right) with a blue and yellow design running across the shirt.

8th May 2015 - Stella Opening Defeat

Last season Yorkshire completed the double over our Stella Logan and sadly they still have the upper hand as they inflicted a 17 shot defeat on our ladies. Out of the six rinks we had a couple of winning returns, Dawn Jackson, Margaret Riley, Jean Mather and Maureen Burkin sneaked home 19-17 but our top rink was the quartet of Jackie Classen, Jennifer Howey, Liz Morris and Margaret Metcalf who ran out 21-15 winners. Another plus from the game was the county skipping debut for Darlington’s youngster Sam Pattison (left). Next up is Northumberland at Stockton in early June. The full rink scores can be found at the following link

1st May 2015 - Bolt England Recall

After steering his Silksworth rink to the National Fours title David Bolt (right) has been recalled to the England scene, David's performances have landed him a England skips role for the first time in the Home International Series due to be held at Hamilton Scotland in June. Congratulations from everyone at Bowls Durham

7th April 2015 - Bowls Alliance Report

Today the Bowls Development Alliance is delighted to publish the National Participation Survey Report (attached), which summaries the key findings of the survey. A number of key insights have resulted from the survey which will greatly assist the sport in attracting and retaining participants..... link

6th April 2015 - Latest BA Update

Click the link to view the latest newsletter from the Bowls Development Alliance.


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