Bowls England is delighted to announce additional support in a bid to help more members to undertake Coach Bowls qualifications.The Bowls England Coaching Bursary offers affiliated members 50 per cent of the cost of recognised Coach Bowls courses. Since its introduction in 2013, a total of 225 members have been awarded a bursary towards the formal coaching qualifications and modules offered under the Coach Bowls banner.Now, the criteria for awards has been revised to enable two members of any affiliated club to apply for a bursary within any two year period – meaning that two members of the same club wishing to attend the same course can now apply for funding support.

 Tony Allcock MBE, Bowls England Chief Executive, said: “The provision of coaching to bowlers of all levels is vital to the long-term future of our sport. Bowls England therefore introduced the coaching bursary to demonstrate its support to all members wishing to obtain Coach Bowls qualifications and has been very well received. However, feedback has been received that the criteria of one member per club, per year, restricted some of those who wished to attend a course with one of their fellow club members. Therefore, we trust the revised criteria will enable even more members to attend courses in the future and help to make a big difference to their clubs in particular and the sport in general.”

Link s for the the and Q&A - Coaching Bursary Application Form ............ Coaching Busary Q&A


For anyone wishing to become a bowls coach the Bowls Development Alliance have confirmed that Gateshead Indoor Bowling club will play host to the Level 1 course.

Dates and Times:
Day 1: Sunday 24th June 2018 - 9am-5pm
Day 2: Sunday 22nd July 2018 - 9am-5pm
Attendance on all days are required to achieve the qualification.

Course Content
The topics covered on the course are:
Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of the Level 1 Bowls Coaching Assistant and the role of a Participation Programme Facilitator
Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Vulnerable adults
Health, Safety, Accidents and emergencies
Effective Communication. Coaching and Learning
Planning and Evaluation Bowls Coaching sessions
Coaching a Beginner
Warm ups
Working with the Jack
Working with the bowl
Introducing Basic shots
Cool downs
Qualification Prerequisites

Be able to communicate effectively in English (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing), Must be at least 15 years of age, 16 on certification

This is a chance to put something back into the sport and would be a good tool to attract new members into your club, the fee could be funded via the club as they will feel the benefit. Anyone interested in taking the course can register at the link below.


Well Friday the 13th proved lucky for Silksworth's David Bolt who alongside the Devon trio of Louis Ridout, Jamie Chestney and Sam Tolchard secured the bronze medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

Here is the report from the Sunderland Echo - At the Commonwealth Games it has been a rollercoaster ride for Silksworth’s David Bolt, earlier in the week hopes of a medal in the triples were cruelly snatched away but then in the fours Bolt landed a bronze medal. In the triples Bolt was leading in for the Devon duo of Jamie Chestney and Robert Paxton, after successfully negotiating the group format there was heartache in the quarter final for the English triple, after recovering from 14-9 down they were cruelly beaten on an extra end by the Norfolk Island’s 19-18. However Bolt’s second chance of a medal was in the fours, with Devon’s Louis Ridout at lead and Bolt at two, Chestney at three and another Devon star Sam Tolchard at skip. In the group format England eased past Singapore 25-6 and Brunei Darussalam 18-4 only suffering a 12-8 loss to Scotland’s Alex Marshall however a quarter final place was already secure without that defeat. In the quarter finals the England quartet over powered New Zealand 20-2 to set up a repeat auld emery clash against Marshall. In the semi final the English quartet raced into a 7-0 lead but a run of seven ends without scoring saw the momentum turn in Marshall’s favour to lead 12-7, despite getting back to 13-10 a dropped four on the 14th end sealed England’s fate 18-10 to leave them a bronze medal clash with Wales. In the play off the England quartet collected a decisive five on the 8th end to open up a 9-5 lead and in the end that proved the difference as they held on to a 15-9 win and collect the bronze medals. The gold went to Scotland’s Alex Marshall who collected a last end four to beat the hosts Australia 15-13, Marshall is now Scotland’s most decorated Commonwealth Games athlete.   


Bowls England is now in the position to advise further regarding qualification for the 2018 Bowls England National Championships.

Men's National Junior Singles
The six counties with the lowest number of entries for the 2018 Men’s Junior Singles are Derbyshire, Herefordshire, Isle of Wight, Lancashire, Northumberland and Nottinghamshire. 

Each of these counties will receive just one entry for the National Championship finals. All other counties will have two qualification places.

Men’s National Junior Pairs
All counties will receive one entry for the National Championship finals.

Women’s National Junior Singles
Two counties submitted no entries for the 2018 Women’s Junior Singles therefore they will not be represented at the National Finals. These are Isle of Wight and Nottinghamshire. 

Four counties submitted one entry for the 2018 Women’s Junior Singles therefore they will have one representative at the National Finals. These are Derbyshire, Lancashire, Middlesex and Yorkshire.

All other counties will have two qualification places.

Women’s National Junior Pairs
Seven counties submitted no entries for the 2018 Women’s Junior Pairs therefore they will not be represented at the National Finals. These are Derbyshire, Durham, Isle of Wight, Lancashire, Middlesex, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

All other counties will receive one entry for the National Championship finals.

‘C’ Representatives 
All counties with five per cent or more of the total number of entries in that National Championship from the previous year will be entitled to three representatives at the National Championships.

Below is a table outlining the counties that have reached the required number of entries for a third representative at the 2018 National Championships in each Championship event.

Championship Event

Men – Number of entries required in 2018

Counties that have received a ‘C’ in 2018 (In accordance with Regulation 50 3.1)

Women – Number of entries required in 2018

Counties that have received a ‘C’ in 2018 (In accordance with Regulation 50 3.1)



Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey


Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey

Two Wood Singles


Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey


Devon, Essex, Kent, Leicestershire, Surrey



Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex


Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey



Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex


Devon, Essex,  Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex



Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey


Devon, Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex

February 8th - World Bowls Law 33 Clarification

Law 33 - February 2018 – Bowls Scotland

Law 33 describes the action to be taken when a player leaves the green during the course of play.

There are multiple reasons why a player may have to leave the green and multiple situations in which this may occur. The Laws Committee (LC) does not consider it appropriate to describe all of these within the Laws (even if it could!). Rather, its approach is to define a ‘broad brush’ law which Controlling Bodies can supplement by including more detailed / specific procedures in their Conditions of Play. In the light of uncertainty being expressed by Controlling Bodies about what can be included in their procedures. the LC would like to clarify some elements of the law, give examples of what are and what are not permissible reasons for leaving the green and provide guidelines on how the law should be applied.

Here is a link to the full pdf version... report

February 2nd - Bowls England Update


The Bowls Development Alliance [BDA] is delighted to announce that the 2018 Spring Play Bowls Package application window has now opened. The window will remain open until 5pm, Friday 30th March 2018. 

In addition to postal applications, clubs can also apply online using the following link:

For more details about BDA package funding visit

















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