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2019 Summary -
The total number of entries into the four main Ladies County Championships (singles, pairs, triples and fours ) in 2019 has Sseen a small drop (two overall). Over the last three years most of the competitions have maintained with only the singles enjoying a third consecutive increase.

Out of the 46 clubs only 35% have any sort of entries which has only seen a 7% drop from five years ago.

Many thanks to everyone who enters the County Competitions, as we all know in every competition there can only be one winner but just remember without everyone else taking the time to enter there would be no competitions so many thanks and best of luck to all the 2019 entrants.

  S P T F U25 Sen 4
2019 27 22 18 11 2 8 11 7 106
2018 25 24 19 12 3 5 10 10 108
2017 21 25 17 11 3 7 11 9 104
2016 18 31 21 14 3 - 12 11 112

Indicates Increase  
Indicates No Change  
Indicates Decrease  


T.Pearson (Consett Park)

E.Horan, F.Slinn (Newton Hall)

F.Slinn, E.Horan, A.Bernard (Newton Hall)

J.Robinson, J.Morgan, A.Camp, A.Anderson (Woodlands)

Senior Fours
V.Knight, N.Cooper, M.White, K.Campbell (Hundens)

Double Rink Winners
Consett Park

2018 County Finals Results

T.Pearson (Consett Park) 21-18 S.Forster (Houghton DL)

F.Slinn (Newton Hall) 16-10 T.Parnell (Stockton)


A.Bernard (Newton Hall) 19-9 O.Brown (Pelton Fell)


A.Anderson (Woodlands) 27-19 T.Parnell (Stockton)

Senior Fours

K.Campbell (Hundens) 19-15 F.Slinn (Newton Hall)

Double Rink

Consett Park 51-21 Lyndhurst

Two Bowl Singles

T.Parnell (Stockton) bt S.Forster (Houghton DL)

2018 County Finals Results

Junior Singles
St.Pattison (North Park) 21-15 N.Kirtland (North Park)

Over 55 Singles
J.Pattison (North Park) bt G.Morgan (Houghton DL)

Over 55 Pairs
J.Rodgerson (Houghton DL) bt A.Anderson (Woodlands)

Champion of Champions
T.Parnell (Stockton) 21-11 S.Hind (Lyndhurst)

Secretaries & Treasurers
T.Parnell (Stockton) bt N.Stephenson (Hetton Wkm)

Two Bowl Triples
S.Almond (Sunderland) bt O.Brown (Pelton Fell)

Rene Gordon Trophy - Australian Pairs
T.Parnell (Stockton) bt M.Cammish (Pelton Fell)



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