Glynis Morgan & Joan Rodgerson (Houghton DL)


President's Message

I am honoured to have been elected as your President for the 2018 season.

A programme of Presidential matches has been arranged and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, making new friends and renewing old acquaintances.

I wish you all a successful, healthy and enjoyable season.


Eileen Atkinson

Following the unification of the male and female associations this is the home of Ladies County bowls within Durham County. This section aims to provide a gateway to all the lady bowlers within the County, you will find all the latest ladies news plus team news, team results and links to all

Many thanks go to Fay Slinn for providing the site with regular updates. Navigation of the site is by the top buttons and the odd side buttons, whenever you see the YELLOW SIDE BACKBROUND you will be in a Ladies Section of the site.

If you wish to contact the Ladies Secretary Sue Almond then please use the following e-mail address -


31st August - Stella Loss  
25th August - Double Rinks final news 17th August - National Championships Day 14 Round Up
16th August - National Championships Day 13 Round Up 15th August - National Championships Day 12 Round Up
14th August - National Championships Day 10 Round Up 13th August - National Championships Day 10 Round Up
12th August - NORTHERN COUNTIES REPORT 12th August - National Championships Day 9 Round Up
9th August - National Championships Day 6 Round Up 11th August - National Championships Day 8 Round Up
10th August - National Championships Day 7 Round Up 9th August - National Championships Day 6 Round Up
8th August - National Championships Day 5 Round Up 7th August - National Championships Day 4 Round Up
6th August - National Championship Day 3 Round Up 5th August - National Championship Day 2 Round Up
JULY 2018
27th July - Another Stella Performance..... report 21st July - Parnell lands Champ of Champs ..... report
20th July - Northern Trophy romp home... report 13th July - Stella Logan Win No 2.... report
4th July - Parnell lands 2 bowl crown... details. 2nd July - Hunden's land Ladies Seniors title... report
JUNE 2018
29th June - Northern Trophy set back... details  
24th June - Walker Cup exit...details 23rd June - Massive John's win... detail's
22nd June - Stella Squad end losing streak..... report 20th June - Pearson lands County Singles ..... report
17th June - Pattison retains U25 title ... details 15th June - Stella Logan owe ... report
2nd June - John's Trophy rained affected defeat ... score
1st June - Stella Logan loss ... report
1st June
- Northern Trophy table updated ... link
MAY 2018
28th May - Newton Hall Retain Triples title .... report  
25th May - Northern Trophy 23rd May - Darlington Woodland's Land 4's title
20th May - IMPORTANT all National Competitors 18th May - Second Stella Loss... report
11th May - Northern Trophy Loss .... report 4th May - Stella Loss .... report
26th February - Ladies Walker Cup team added.... link 26th February - Ladies County Comps PDF draw added...
26th February - Ladies Johns Trophy team added.... link 26th February - Ladies Northern Trophy team added.... link
26th February - Ladies Stella Logan team added.... link 12th February - 2018 Ladies Calendar of events added.......
8th February - World Bowls Law 33 Update ....... 2nd February - Bowls England Spring Bowls details.....
5th January - County Circular added.... 5th January - 2018 County Nomination form added...
1st December - Lyndhurst scoop Bowls England Award ...  
14th November - AGM Snippets ... link  
23rd October - AGM Documents added.... link 11th October - Stella Logan final table ... link



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