Date Opponents Venue Result Points
18th May 2019 Yorkshire Houghton DL (2pm) 118 - 102 18 - 4
25th May 2019 Northumberland Kirkbride BC (10am) 98 - 117 2 - 20
25th May 2019 Cumbria Kirkbride BC (2pm) 93 - 93 11 - 11

The following team has been selected to represent the County in the fixture indicated.

Muras Trophy
Durham v Northumberland & Cumbria

Saturday 25th May 2019 - Kirkbride BC, Cumbria (10am start)

M Peach (HDL), K Burton (RA), B Attwood (SP), G Farquhar (SI)
D Warnaby (LE), K Carruthers (HDL), J Mckenna (SI), D Fenwick (ST)
P Dixon (SI), J Wilson (HDL), P Baker (SI), J Halcrow (SI)
M Hodgson (ST), A Ward (HP), G McPheators (SI), I Jackson (HP)
S Baker (SI), J Richardson (SI), R Mckie (RM), D Oram (HP)
J Harston (HU), M Gleeson (SP), B Henderson (OB), P Mosley (ST)
Reserves - D Bolt (SI), P Sainthouse (SI)

Kirkbride Bowling Club, Kirkbride CA7 5HT, Telephone: 016973 51051

Morning session 10am Start
Courtfield – Cumbria v Yorkshire
Kirckbride – Durham v Northumberland

Afternoon Session Approx 14:30 Start
Courtfield – Northumberland v Yorkshire
Kirckbride – Cumbria v Durham

Sandwiches will be available for purchase at each club prior to the 1st game commencing.
 After the 1st game both teams will eat at the club they have just played at.

President                  Mr. J.Wilson
Team Manager        Mr D.Bolt
Officers in attendance: F Johnson  

Please note:

Regulation dress to be worn, including white bowling shoes, County shirt and trousers and white waterproofs.

Can players please note that it is a requirement for them to attend in the approved County attire of travelling Shirts and Grey Trousers and any deviation from this may result in non selection. Those players attending for the first time who do not possess the County attire may wear a white shirt

In the event of any member of the team being unable to play please contact the Team Manager immediately on 07539370532 or the County Secretary on 0191 5110560 or 07954162866. 

All players to arrive at the green no later than 9.30am, with bowls to be on the green for inspection by 9.45am.


Printable Version of the Teams
Durham v Yorkshire
Durham v Northumberland
Durham v Cumbria


2019 P W D L +/- Pts
Northumberland 3 3 0 0 +74 59
Cumbria 3 1 1 1 -5 32
Durham 3 1 1 1 -3 31
Yorkshire 3 0 0 3 -66 10

Durham 118-102 Yorkshire at Houghton DL BC (Points 18-4)
I.Jackson 11-16 K.Tyreman D.Fenwick 17-17 V.O'Neill
G.Farquhar 21-15 G.Bunce P.Mosley 19-19 P.Emmerson
D.Oram 24-14 P.Margerrison I.Riches 16-11 G.Lewington

Durham 98-117 Northumberland at Kirkbride BC (2-20)
D.Fenwick 11-18 C.Cooper D.Oram 17-22 R.Train
P.Mosley 15-17 G.Myerscough D.Bolt 16-23 I.Brown
I.Jackson 22-17 J.Minto G.Farquhar 17-20 G.Donkin

Durham 93-93 Cumbria at Kirkbride BC (11-11)
D.Bolt 13-19 M.Irwin D.Oram 16-12 S.Irwin
P.Baker 15-19 J.Walker P.Mosley 14-15 S.Watson
D.Fenwick 17-16 K.Johnston G.Farquhar 18-12 E.Orchard



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