Dear Secretary,

This Circular is being sent to all Men’s, Women’s   and Mixed Clubs in the County as it contains information that is generic to all and some which are Gender specific and which requires attention.

Men’s County Nominations
Nominations are invited to represent the Men’s County in the 2019 season. On behalf of the County can I urge you to seek the nomination of players to represent the County?

Club Secretaries are asked to ensure the Nominee’s names are listed on the enclosed nomination form stating preferred playing position. There is an obligation to all players to play in each game for which they are selected. If nominees are unavailable for any of the games, the dates of which are shown below, it is important that this is shown on the nomination form. Secretaries are asked to clarify this with the nominees before completion.

18th and 25th May, 1st 15th 22nd and 29th June, 1st and 20th July

Secretarial Changes
If you are no longer the Club Secretary please pass this Circular onto the new Secretary. The new Secretary should inform me immediately of name and address (including post code) and telephone number and where applicable e-mail address

Communication with Club Secretaries
As part of a move to improve communications between the County Association and Club Secretaries, as well assisting the finances of the Organisation it is proposed, wherever possible, to communicate with Clubs via E-mail.

There is an an e-mail contact group of Secretaries and/ or officials for the distribution of information to Club and County Officers. If you have these facilities can you please let me have your e-mail address for inclusion in my contact group. You can send it to me either by post or at f.johnson23@

To improve better arrangements for communication and you also provide me with a postcode for your green. If it does not have its own a nearby street etc will do equally as well.

Tournament Licences
Since the establishment of Bowls England the Tournament Licence Forms have been updated. Therefore can you please note that there is still a requirement under Bowls England Regulations to have a Tournament Licence and the following changes and requirements have to be met. Although there will no longer be a requirement to return details of prize money and/or rewards, any Club applying for a Licence will be required to inform Bowls England at the time of application for a Licence of their Civil Liability Insurance Policy Number and Name of Insurer, and Policy expiry date.

There will also be information on the reverse of the Form about Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults. I must stress the importance of these requirements being met and in place in view of the risk that Club Officials and Committees put themselves at so far as any claims that are made are concerned, particularly if no insurance is in place.

If you have any concerns in this area please contact me or the Civic and Public Liability Officer at Bowls England.

Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults
Clubs are reminded of their duties and requirements in this connection as outlined in previous correspondence from Bowls England. Please ensure that you are aware of your duties and if in doubt contact Joseph Hobson the County Safeguarding Officer whose details you have or are on the website.

Bowls England and Bowls Durham Official Year Books
Clubs are reminded that the Bowls England Official Year Book 2019 will be available in April, and the County has placed its order with Bowls England. If you have not already ordered your club’s copy (ies) please let me have your requirements as soon as possible.

With the continued development of the County website the information normally found in the Year Book will now be included in the web pages  In addition the County has also produced our Constitution and Rules in a ring binder format for ease of including any changes that may occur. Therefore to save costs etc the hard copies of the Bowls Durham Year Book will be reduced in size and  number.

Club Development and Support
Following on from last year’s Circular on the above topic , the impact on clubs of   Councils to continuing to reduce, or divest themselves of, the costs of maintaining bowling green’s in the County has not lessened This will obviously put clubs under more pressure to continue or sustain themselves.

Can I therefore remind, and draw your attention to the support that can be obtained from Bowls England and the Bowling Development Alliance to enable Clubs to benefit financially and from other various bodies in the County and also
by becoming a Community Aided Sports Club (CASC).

If you wish to look into this matter please visit the Bowls England Website or     contact the Bowls England Development Officer Alistair Hollis at Bowls England Headquarters.

In addition I wish to let you know that in order to assist in the future development of clubs and the sport in general the Officers of the County have met with representatives of the Bowls Development Alliance to investigate what can be done to facilitate this development. As a result we have identified a number of ways we can help. These include a development programme whereby, subject to certain criteria being met, assistance is given by Bowls England and the BDA  to attract new members and sourcing of funding.

In addition work is ongoing to hold training courses in the Region for Umpires and Coaches, both existing, new and those who would like to qualify in either or both. If you have any members who may be so interested please let me know.

Bowls England News
You will have received information from Bowls England via their Newsletter but I set out below some relevant headlines for your information.
Competitors Travelling Expenses to the National Championships are to be maintained for 2019.
Subject to approval by the Executive Committee there is to be no increase in affiliation fees for 2019/2020.

The new Bowls England Articles of Association and Rules and Regulations are now in force. It is imperative that you study the implications of them so far as your Club is concerned particularly those relating to (i)Safeguarding,
(ii) Membership, (iii) Affiliation Fees etc, (iv) Vulnerable Adults  (v) Disciplinary Issues, (vi) Civil Liability Issues, and (vii) Performing Rights and the use of Music. Those relating to (ii) (v) and (vi) are particularly important as there have been a number of cases which may prove detrimental to those clubs across the country who are involved.

If you have any issues you wish to discuss so far as these matters are concerned please contact me

A new Model Constitution for Clubs has been prepared, and can be viewed on the Bowls England Website.

Bowls Durham Website
May I remind you that should you wish to contact me or the Women’s Secretary Sue Almond via email please use our personal email addresses and not that of the Website.

Changes to the Laws of the Sport – Crystal Mark 3rd Edition
Can I remind clubs that copies of the new Laws of the Sport are available to purchase and can be obtained from me at a cost of £2 per

Yours Sincerely
Honorary General Secretary
9th January 2019

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